Panajachel town in Guatemala

Panajache town in Guatemala, it is well known as the main destination in Lake Atitlan. From here all travelers connects by boat to other different villages around the Lake.

Panajachel, is the place for banks, ATMs, and place to catch the boats to all other destinations, like Santa Cruz la Laguna, San Marcos, San Juan and even San Pedro or Santiago Atitlan.

For most travelers who wish to travel straight to Panajachel, they should consider a 3.5hrs from Guatemala City. There are different shuttles departing from Guatemala City to Panajachel via Antigua Guatemala. The approximate cost per person is $25 per person.

For families who are traveling to Panajachel, we recommend hiring a private ride to Lake Atitlan, so they do not need to go to Antigua Guatemala, and that makes really a long 4. to 5hrs ride.

In Panajachel you can explore on day time, and then you should plan to stay in the other surrounding villages like Santa Cruz la Laguna, that offers you fantastic lake views. Check our recommended hotels

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