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Pedro Juan Solis

My name is Pedro Juan Solis. I was born in Sacapulas, el Quiché, in the western highlands of Guatemala. I am a Mayan descendent in origin. I speak Spanish, Kaqchikel (one of the 22 Mayan languages), English and I am learning my fourth language, which is French.

I come from a beatiful authentic Mayan family. My famiy is a mixte of three different Mayan Cultures, Mam, Sacapulteco and Kaqchikel. I am the oldest of six sibilings. I studied the first six years in Santa Cruz la Laguna in the public school. In 1998,  I was 13 years old when I travelled to Guatemala city for work in order to support my family and my studies. There I finished the 7th, 8th and 9th grades.

In 2001 I returned from Guatemala City to Lake Atitlan. Here I continued my studies and I graduated from High school with a Bachelor of science and letters. After graduation I did not have more choices than to work and provide for my family. In 2003 I started painting some oil paintigs, and in the same year I got invited to an art exhibition in Panjachel at the Art Gallery.  One of the priorities in order to explain all about my art was speaking in English.

In the same year, I got the support from an NGO, Amigos de Santa Cruz.  They sponsored my english classes for 6 months, where I studied two hours in class every weekend, plus many hours on my own. My english soon improved and I began to get more fluent.  I got contacted by one of the schools where I had studied before in order to teach English as a second Language on weekends. I got some training from the school and started the first teaching classes of my life. In that year I got the best experience on how to teach a language, but as the economy in our country was very poor the salary was very low. I had to look for a new way to support my parents and my studies. The only idea I had was to begin teaching Spanish to English speakers. I had the resources in hand and felt the time was right. Within four months I was very well known in my village and surrounding areas as a spanish teacher for English speakers.  In November of 2004 I expanded my horizons and I founded Tours Atitlan.  

     I have been involved in the Tourism Industry ever since I graduated from high school. Tours Atitlan provides private tours, hiking and extensive information about Lake Atitlan.  My goal is to provide an opportunity for all all travelers to experience Lake Atitlan in an authentic way, as it is one my countries great natural resources.

     I believe we are an authentic and typical Guatemalan family.  I got married to a young Mayan kaqchikel descendent in 2009 and we have a one year old son.  I am working very hard to make the Spanish school and Tours Atitlan a success.

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