5 Reasons to Homestay

We believe that travel should be as authentic and as enriching as possible. So here’s five reasons why, when it comes to really experiencing a new country, we think homestay is better than hotels.

1. Understand The Culture

When visiting Guatemala and Lake Atitlan, especially for a short time, it can be hard to really make a connection with it and get to know its intricacies. However, with a homestay, understanding the culture of Guatemala will be a main focus of your trip.

Living alongside your homestay host you’ll get to experience what it feels like to actually live there. You can also ask them all the questions you want about the differences, or maybe even similarities between your cultures.

2. Learn The Language

Another focus of a homestay is learning the language. In Guatemala we speak Spanish as a main language.  Whether you are just starting out learning Spanish or if you’ve been practicing for a while, your experienced hosts will be on hand to help.

Learning through immersion is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to studying a new language. This is because not only will the language be all around you. There will be much more opportunity for you to practice speaking with native speakers.

3. A Home From Home

Most hotels try their best to make their spaces as homely as possible, however it’s simply not possible to replicate the warm welcome that you will receive from your hosts when organizing a homestay through Tours Atitlan.

Before you arrive, you will have spoken with our travel agent specialist in detail to discuss your interests and the experiences you would like to have during your homestay.

4. Get Off The Beaten Path

When you experience a country through a homestay you are staying in real homes, which are more often than not away from the main tourist hubs. And so you will get to see a much more authentic side of the country and its culture.

Of course, you will still be able to visit tourist attractions and points of interest, but you’ll also be experiencing day to day life. So you very much get the best of both worlds, plus access to cultural gems that many tourists won’t even know about with the guidance of your host.

5. Traditional Homemade Meals

A big part of getting to know a culture is experiencing the different variety of food on offer. Of course you can try this in restaurants while you are staying at a hotel, but we think you’ll agree there’s nothing quite the same as home cooked meals.

You will also likely have the opportunity to prepare meals with your host and therefore learn how to cook the dishes yourself so that you can take a piece of the culture home with you. All while practicing your language skills of course.

If you think experiencing Lake Atitlan through a homestay and learning the language by being immersed in the culture sounds right up your street, you can contact us and book your home stay now.

Learning to weave at a local home in Santa Cruz la Laguna

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