Visit to Lake Atitlan with kids – advice

Are you visiting Lake Atitlan with kids? Outdoor highlights for me on Lake Atitlán are kayaking and hiking – San Marcos and Panajachel Reserves, El Pico de Cielo, Santa Cruz to San Marcos, Volcán San Pedro. Take a cool hike from Sololá to Santa Cruz.

Hiking Atitlan with kids
Hiking with kids

San Pedro is a favorite town for young people specially for the party nights. In fact, everyone visits here as this is the town where the Volcan San Pedro Hike starts from.

You can also visits to San Juan (murals, a wine and cheese place if you book days in advance, and lots of women’s weaving cooperatives) and Santiago. Google Father Stanley Rother and also Maximón, 2 highlights there in addition to the gorgeous women’s huipiles with embroidered birds.

Book a tour with us and together with our nice and kindly guide you can visit the little memorial room in the church where Stanley Rother was murdered and the guide will know this year’s spot for Maximón, patron saint of tobacco, alcohol, and other vices. Panajachel has arguably the best shopping in Guatemala.

We highly recommend the big Sololá market tour. It is huge, especially on Tuesdays and Fridays mostly active in the mornings. For a better advice and more personalized adventure contact us so we can help with your travel arrangements.