Best places to stay in Lake Atitlan

With so many tempting possibilities, deciding where to stay in Lake Atitlan can turn into a dilemma. Should you choose hotels or charm properties? Even if you’re on a budget, Lake Atitlan’s lodging options include hotels, B & Bs. Hostels that are among Lake Atitlan’s very best. Or, for a change of pace, you can spend a few days with a Mayan family for a homestay experience. Can’t choose? The best plan may be to mix and match as you travel through the country, sampling some Local experience with a mayan family and some other best places to stay in Lake Atitlan.

places to stay lakea titlan
Stay with host family

Here is our top 3 best places to stay Lake in Atitlan:

  1. Santa Cruz La Laguna, remote village located 20 minutes from the main town Panajachel. Santa Cruz is known for many reasons one of them will be the landscape and view to the Lake and vulcanoes. There are 5 stars hotels, private luxurious villas and hostals, also one of the best places for homestay. Also there are many things you can such as Kayaking, Lake-shore hiking, Learn Spanish, Cooking classes, birdwatching tours and more.
  2. San Marcos, known as a VORTEx, ideal place for those that are looking a spiritual experience. moreover there are cool places where to visit such as el Giardino Bistro, or also you can go to the Nature reserve Tzankujil one of the best spot for swimming.
  3. Panajachel, the main town and a tourism destination over a century. You can walk and explore the santander street. Stop for a coffee or perhaps at the Ice creme shop and taste some of our Guatemalan flavors. At night time there are bars, pubhs, restaurants and much more. The town is one of the bigest places in Lake Atitlan and you can go for Zip-line tour or biking, kayaking and more activities for families.
places to stay lakea titlan
Great view from the room

Stay tune, in the following days we will write about most favorite places to visit as a day tour.