Wine-throated Hummingbird (Atthis ellioti)

Wine-throated Hummingbird

Our birding tours in Atitlan, also includes our target bird for the Highlands of Guatemala. One of the smallest and handsome hummingbird that inhabits in the cloud forest in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Named Wine-throated Hummingbird for its extravagant magenta gorgets on the males and females have plain throat. Easily confuse with a bee, its size is only 2.7 in.

Voice: The voice of Wine-throated Hummingbird include “high, thin, sharp chips, often repeated steadily, sip-sip … or cheup cheup 

Where can you see it? If you are staying in Lake Atitlan, contact us to learn more about actual information based on our birding reports and locations.

During our birding tours in Lake Atitlan and in Guatemala, you can see the majority of our endemic species.

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Cloud forest early in the morning

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