A morning visit to Santiago Atitlan

A morning visit to Santiago Atitlan “the house of the birds”

In the center of three immense volcanoes is located one of the ancient Mayan villages, the two ways to get to there are: by car it might take a few hours and by boat is the fastest way.

“We began our day with a boat ride to Santiago Atitlan, it took as around half an hour to get there, the air was fresh, blue sky and the lake was tranquil in the morning”

Santiago Atitlan is the largest town around Lake Atitlan Caldera. There are interesting things to do when you visit is have or live a first-hand meeting with locals, explore the colorful local market (not the tourist market), and of course one of the oldest churches in the country.

The hightlight would be the visit of Maximon or Rilaj mam (in the local mayan language Tzutujil) It’s a prehispanic statue that local mayan people worship. If you are lucky ceremonies can be seen during the visit to this place.

The Main Square of Santiago Atitlan

Your experience gets way better and UNFORGETTABLE when you travel with a local guide. See the area like somebody local and enjoy at the best.