Belted Flycatcher first record in our birding trail


“Belted Flycatcher”

As every morning after a couple cup of coffee; I pick my binoculars and camera and start monitoring one of our birding trails in our area. Our goal is to see majority of migrants birds coming from north America. Some of them staying here in Guatemala and other heading to South America. 

Belted Flycatcher
Target bird for Guatemala, and first record in our trail.

Today it was different. Once the birding monitoring started; i closed my eyes and started to hear all the birds around me.

From the distance i heard the Black-vented Oriole, Greter Pewee, Blue-and-white mockingbird, Wester Kingbird (No, way the sound is coming from the bushes, and is not a complete call. Its just the started of the sound) Then i opened my eyes and went straight to the area were i heard it.  I heard the call of the birds around with the “pix pix pix” then i heard again and i said, BELTED FLYCATCHER? 

Jumping into the grass and slowly i saw a flycatcher that flew in front of me, o dear, BELTED FLYCATCHER. I toke my camera and got some shots. It made our day.

Our Tzansiwan Trail

We have been monitoring this place since 2010, and finally BELTED FLYCATCHER is our new target bird.  This is a restricted bird from the semiarid forest and is endangered for the losing of habitat and of course a target bird for you if you are coming to Guatemala. In deed you can see this bird in Santa Cruz la Laguna.

Have a look to our check list here: Birding Trail Tzansiwan

Finally, If you are interested on a birding trip to Guatemala. We trailor-made birding trips all over the country, contact us for more information.


Chestnut-sided Shrike-Vireo
we saw one of the colorful birds you can see during our birdwatching tours in Lake AtitlanCHESTNUT-SIDED SHRIKE-VIREO