Maya traditions around Lake Atitlan


On your visit to Guatemala, you might cosidered to stay in Lake Atitlan a few nights or perhaps a few weeks. Guatemala is a multy diverse country and Lake Atitlan is one of the places that deserves to spend extra time.

Holly week at Lake Atitlan

The contemporary maya people celebrate in each town around Lake Atitlan. Each town has a different way to celebrate every single day of eastern. The most important days: Holy Wednesday, holy Thursday and holy friday.

This ttradition begun in Antigua Guatemala by Santo Hermano Pedro de San Jose de Betancur in the 1600′ now the congregation has been incorporating new thing such as the use of sawdust carpets and others. The towns where you should go in Good friday will be Santiago Atitlan (in the morning) San Juan La Laguna  (afternoon and night time).

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All Saint day and Day of the Death

Guatemala is colorful country and the highlands is not the exeption, four weeks prior November 1st and 2nd, Local mayan people go to the cemetery to paint they mausoleum where they beloved are buried. They chose different colours, they say “Is a day of happines or joy, a day to live together with our ancesters” That is the reason why they chose vibrant colors.

All Saint day and the day of the Death are exiting dates to be in Guatemala. experience by Feeling, touchig, tasting, watching and smelling. 


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