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Blue-throated motmot, atitlan birding

Lake tour by boat

The tour includes a visit to the Mayan God of Maximon, weaving demonstration at the weavers cooperative in San Juan..

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Blue-throated motmot, atitlan birding

Chichicastenango market

The market of Chichicastenango is known as one of the most colorful markets of Guatemala. Every Thursday and Sunday the market starts at 4:00am. and finalizes later in the afternoon. Our tour starts at 8:00am as a day trip from Lake Atitlan or Antigua Guatemala.

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Blue-throated motmot, atitlan birding

A day in the life

This five-hour guided tour is a wonderful adventure for the active family, combining idyllic paddling on the Lake Atitlan and  a moderate hike to a remote mayan village.

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Blue-throated motmot, atitlan birding

Mayan Ceremony

Join a Mayan ceremony with our Shaman in Lake Atitlan. Our guide and translator will help you understand what a Mayan Ceremony is, and you will join the ceremony being performed by our shaman.

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Blue-throated motmot, atitlan birding

San Juan & Textiles Tour

A full day tour in San Juan la Laguna. Enjoy this fascinating village, its colors, coffee and beautiful hand made textiles with natural dyes.

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Belted Flycatcher Birding tours guatemala

Day trip from Antigua

Our day trip from Antigua, leaves at 7:00am on a private basis and at 5:00am on a semi-private tour. The ride takes around 2.5hrs. from Antigua to Lake Atitlan. Our driver always makes a short break...

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Our top birding tours in Lake Atitlan, Tarrales and el Rincon Suizo

Experienced, Bilingual and Fun Birding Guides

You can choose to book any of the below tours, as a day trip from Lake Atitlan or Antigua Guatemala.

Quetzal Birding Tour Atitlan

Day trip to see the Guatemala National Bird. Perfect morning tour for passionate birders and anyone who wants to see this magnificent bird.

belted flycatcher atitlan birding tours

Endemic Birds in Atitlan this tour is for avid birders in search of specific birds. Belted flycatcher, White faced groud sparrow, blue-throated motmot...

day tours and trips to tarrales from atitlan

Day trip to Tarrales Natural Reserve, an important birding national park for Guatemala. A top place to see docens of birds!

Pink-headed Warbler birding tours atitlan

In search of Pink-headed Warbler a unique, beautful pink headed warbler in the world. Day trip from Lake Atitlan or Antigua.