Atitlan Kayak & Hiking Tour

Combining hiking and kayaking in the most beautiful lake in the world

Kayak, hike in a caldera lake


Golden-olive WoodpeckerThis is a lake kayak tour and short hike combined, the ideal way to experience the Mayan culture and nature. We paddle to a nearby native village, a very important place known for trading and commerce in the ancient time, and follow a winding path along the lake shore, passing through coffee, and avocado plantations. We will have a short break at a nice lake front restaurant, that offers unbeatable views of the lake, volcanoes and delicious food. Lunch is not included.  

This trips suits everyone, NO kayaking experience needed.

What is included?

  • Fun and Experienced Bilingual Guide
  • Transportation to and from your hotel
  • Kayak, paddle, jacket
  • Admission fees
  • Trip length 4hrs/ easy hike involved for all ages



Kayan & Hike gallery

Kayak at Cerro de Oro

View of the Cerro de Oro Mountain

quetzal birding tours atitlan

Hiking Trail

View of Volcano San Pedro, and our hiking trail

Blue-throated motmot, atitlan birding

Meet Local People

Man of Santa Cruz, fishing in traditional Kayuco / canoe

Belted Flycatcher Birding tours guatemala

Lake Atitlan Volcanoes

Left, Volcan Toliman, Atitlan and San Pedro


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